About the ITR

We are Quopt IT Services, in business since 1995. We are a software development company with a background in business software. In 2000 our voyage in testing software for psychological testing started, developing Windows based testing platforms for our clients. In 2006 our first own platform for online testing was released and has been in use until the release of our latest platform in 2019, the Internet Test Room. Or ITR in short.

The ITR is not only suitable for psychological tests. It is a versatile and expandable system suitable for a variety of purposes. It is used for exams, trainings and off course, for psychological testing. If you have a need for which you think the ITR is suitable let us know. Development on the ITR is always on going and we are always looking for new purposes for our software.

Our platform is partly open source. There are many reasons for choosing to develop open source. For us the main reasons are to enable customers to build their own testing platform and at a reasonable cost. Since our platform is free to use the only cost is the server you would like to run it on. And off course, support from us!

We are very excited about our system ! Please share your thoughts, comments and improvements, or even better, contribute. We are looking for volunteers for developing screen templates, test content, maintain the wiki and develop the closed source core ITR system. You can find our github repos with tests and reports at www.github.com/quopt .