Your own content

You would like to have your own tests and reports available in your system. If you do not want to invest in building up the knowledge on how to do that in your organisation then we can build in the tests and reports you need. You will need to have permission from the copyright owner of the test or report if you want to do this.

Building in a report or test is a paid service. You will need to provide us with the questions, texts, norms, scoring, images and videos, scoring rules and all other materials we need to built in the test. We will then make you an offer together with a small contract. If you agree then we will built in the test.

Building in your tests and reports is free!

Yes, you are reading it correctly. Building in tests and reports can be free for you or your organisation. If you use our paid support program or fully hosted services you will be billed annually for these services. When during the first year that you are using these services you want to built in new tests and/or reports you will pay for this service. However, what you have paid will be deducted from your second annual invoice for our services. So your first year’s services might even be free, since we deduct up to 0 euros. Growing your system with your own content and reports is now very attractive!


You use our fully hosted option starting January the 1st 2023. You will be charged :

  • by us : 12 x 99 euro = 1188 euro (ex VAT)
  • by OVH (directly to you and depending on what you need) : for example 12 x 15 euro = 180 euro per year (ex VAT)

During 2023 you want to place 2 more test into your system with a report. This costs 450 euro ex VAT.

On the 1st of January 2024 you will be invoiced :

  • by us : 12 x 99 euro = 1188 – 450 euro = 738 euro (ex VAT)
  • by OVH (directly to you and depending on what you need) : for example 12 x 15 euro = 180 euro per year (ex VAT). Costs to OVH will not be discounted by us.

If you would like to make use of this free service contact us for details.