ITR Support options

Thank you for evaluating professional support for your organisation for the ITR. We can offer support for the ITR tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Support pricing depends on the size of your organisation and the services you would like to use from us. All our support offerings assume that you have an IT partner or department that maintains the IT infrastructure (for example your server) for you and can provide you with the hands on technical support you need.

What is included in your support contract?

Basic support for your organisation is included for daily usage of the system including all ITR functionalities, except for functionalities regarding report writing, building your own tests, trainings or exams and building your own test screen templates. We will answer your questions and consult you on how to use the ITR. If you want a functionality that is currently not supported in the ITR we will investigate your need with you. We will then provide you with the best possible option, or forward a change request for consideration by our development team.

Next to the basic support for your organisation for using the system we support your IT staff in setting up and operating the system. We will advise best practices regarding continuity, security and other aspects of operating the ITR. We will also supply updates and update instructions.

What options can you add ?

Support for report writing

Writing a report is supported with an extensive narrative report writer. This report writer is easy to use and you will create your first report in a matter of minutes. When you want to create a more complex report then there are many advanced options for report writing that will make your life easier and your report prettier. We can consult you and help you with writing reports. If needed we will update the wiki so all ITR users can benefit from the solutions developed.

Support for building your own tests, training or exams

The ITR is incredibly flexible and can provide almost any testing need. For most test constructions the test editor is self explanatory and provides an easy learning curve. If you would like some help now and then in building the best possible test and provide from the knowledge and tips from the people who built the ITR than we are there to help.

Support for building your own test screen template

Test screen templates are the technical heart of the ITR and require expert knowledge on HTML, CSS styles and Javascript to develop. If you need a new screen template then we recommend that you let us develop it for you. If you are however up to the challenge then we are ready to support you every step of the way.

Built in and maintain reports, tests, trainings or exams for you

If you cannot find the time or do not want to invest in building up ITR knowledge then we can built in your tests and reports for you. This service is never included in a support contract and will be offered seperately.

Maintain your tests and reports

If you have your own tests, screen templates and reports then we can maintain them for you. This maintaince includes storing the definition outside of your system in a safe place. But we will also make sure that your content will keep functioning properly with future release of the ITR. Changes to the content required by you are not included in the maintenance fee. We are happy to make these changes off course.

Support pricing

Are you a reseller of the ITR? Contact us for support, training and to get certification for you or for your organisation.

Small organisations

A small organisation consist of one or two people that use the ITR for their daily testing needs.

Medium size organisations

A medium size organisation consists of maximum 10 people, possibly accross multiple locations.

Large organisations

A large organisation consists of more than 10 people. Please contact us for a quote that best fits your needs.

Support starts at 99 euro per month for small organisations.

Support starts at 949 euro per month (for 2 contact persons) for medium size organisations.

Contact us for a quote for large organisations.

Additional support options :

  • 249 euro per month for an additional contact person for basic support
  • 249 euro per month for an additional contact person for either report writing, test building or test screen template building.
  • 399 euro per month for an additional contact person for report, test and screen template building.
  • Maintaince for a test, report or test screen templates : small size 199 euro per year, medium size 299 euro per year, large size or complex test 499 euro per year.
  • 499 euro for a one time installation for your (virtual) server based on the latest windows or ubuntu lts release. If server maintenance is required this is charged by the hour. Installation on cloud infrastructure like AWS, Azure, or Google cloud is charged by the hour and built according to your specifications.
  • Anything not mentioned will be charged by our hourly rate of 120 euro per hour.

All prices exclude taxes like VAT.