Full service offerings

If you do not have your own IT staff, or simply can’t be bothered to setup your own infrastructure, then we can help you as well.

Together with OVH, our partner for hosting, we can setup a hosting solution for you. You will not need any technical expertise and we will arrange all technical aspects for you!

With this service you will get the ITR system as a turn key solution tuned to your organisations needs, including support. All functionalities of the ITR are available.

The costs vary depending on your organisation’s needs. A publisher with hundreds of customers requires a completely different system then a small consultancy company with a few candidates per day. Below is an example for our smallest possible installation.

Costs for a small testing company with 1 or 2 consultants

For a small company the costs are 199 euro per month, excluding OVH costs which are about 30 euro per month (april 2024 price level). All prices exclude VAT and are based on a 36 month contract.

For less then 230 euro per month you can have your own private ITR system with your own server. Full control, 100% secure and no dependencies on external publishers or third parties providing test services.

This includes :

  • Provided by OVH under OVH conditions : a virtual private server in a server center of your choice (please review http://www.ovh.com), a domain name, and an e-mail account.
  • Provided by Quopt : one time setup of the OVH services in your name
  • Provided by Quopt : installation of the ITR on your server
  • Provided by Quopt : basic support as described on the support offerings page.
  • Provided by Quopt : quarterly installation of the latest security updates for the operating system, patches and the latest ITR version. Urgent security patches will be installed ASAP by Quopt.

Excluded is :

  • Provided by OVH : any support they choose to provide to you at their conditions and costs
  • Provided by Quopt : configuring and placing the reports and tests of your choice in the ITR.
  • Provided by Quopt : any other support you might need as described on the support offerings page.
  • Provided by Quopt : major upgrade of the operating system. In general you will need to upgrade the operating system on your server every 3 to 5 years. This is charged as a server installation fee with a 50% discount for you providing that we can upgrade the server during our off peak periods.
  • A Microsoft Azure translation key is not installed in the system. If this is required we can set this up for you at a small additional cost.

This solution is sized for a small company that wants to test about 25 candidates simultaneously. You will need to remove session information regularly to keep the storage from filling up.


OVH will invoice their services to you on a yearly or monthly basis in advance to your credit card. So you will need a credit card. You will need to enter credit card information at some point in their system. If your credit card expires then you will need to update this information in the OVH systems as well. We can assist you in doing that. This is important, OVH will cease their services to you if you do not pay.

Quopt will invoice the support services on a yearly basis in advance.


OVH will provide their service to you directly based on their terms and conditions.

Quopt will provide system maintenance and support for your organisation for the ITR based on our services and conditions.

Your organisation is responsible for the operation, information and content of your server, both OVH and Quopt are sub contractors in a technical expertise. If you for example decide to built in a copyrighted test without a license then your organisation is responsible and can be prosecuted by the copyright owner.