Q3 2021-The ITR now support test takings for the blind

As the ITR system is used by more and more people we get requests to support the visually impaired. We have changed our ITR system and screen templates to be used by screen readers. Not all screen templates can support this by their nature. But for most tests support is instant. Just upgrade your system and your screen templates using the standard functionalities in menu Organisation – Server settings .

New functionalities Q1 2021

Released in this quarter is the fully new Teaching module in the ITR!

The teaching module includes :

  • Design and develop teaching materials in a pixel perfect way
  • Publish teaching materials for usage in any situation you like
    • teaching situations including viewing of responses by your students on practice questions
    • individual teaching sessions
    • classroom teaching sessions
    • freely available teaching materials on the internet
  • Full support by various portlets including a course catalog
  • New functionalities in the ITR
    • Course editor
    • Course summary reports
    • New session functions for classroom, individual, public and other new session types, including archiving
  • A major overhaul of the screen templates used in the ITR to facilate pixel perfect courses, advanced event handling and screen template specific events

Contact us if you want to learn more ! Our software is 100% open source !

New functionalities jun-2020

The following new functionalities have been released :

  • Added option to download results as archive ZIP file for persons and group sessions
  • Added option to view an audit trail of e-mails sent from the system
  • All email can now be sent to a CC address for an organisation (set from organisation menu)
  • Reports can now be translated in the report editor
  • Public sessions can now be managed where a URL is generated that can be passed used to take a test without logging in to the ITR
  • Added additional parameters on the login path for automatically logging in and a return url after taking the session
  • Added dark mode feature for test taking and administration. Including rework of all screen templates available to support this dark mode.

New functionalities apr-2020

In April the following new functionalities have been released in the ITR.

  • Added multi factor authentication option on a company for consultants logging in (not for candidates)
  • Added support for Chinese, Arabic and other non-alphabet languages
  • Added audit trail on the Change Session screen so you can see who has done what on a session
  • Added option to view the server logs for master users
  • Added option to query data sources for master users
  • Added option to update the server and client application directly from the browser for master users
  • Added option to restart the server component directly from the browser for master users
  • The list of logged in users is now automatically refreshed on a periodic basis
  • Various technical rework : centralised logging in client, reworked master database security and performance improvements on the python server application.

New functionalities released mar-2020

New functionalities have been released to our github repo.

Release notes

  • Reordered the portlets
  • Added a new portlet for in progress and done session
  • Added the field Age to a candidate so you do not have to use the birthdate. The birthdate is considered a special personal feature in some jurisdictions that may not be recorded for testing purposes.
  • Added the possibility to change the narrative reports created by the ITR to tailor them for a specific candidate. The changes can be saved and will be included in the session result archive (see point immediately below here)
  • Add option to download session results and reports in a ZIP file from the client. This allows for easy archiving of the session results.
  • For all e-mails sent from the system a CC email address can now be set. You can set the address via Organisation – Customer settings or the regular organisations menu
  • The master user can now set the invoice code and test costs before publishing the test
  • Added more credit options on a customer to set specific costs for a test, set discount percentages for all tests, and set an amount charged per test.
  • Added a personal credit pool for a consultant. The personal credit pool will be used primarily for this consultant. If the consultant is out of credits the session results that have not been invoiced yet can no longer be viewed. This under the assumption that the organisation has sufficient credits off course. The credit level can go below zero if the last test being invoiced is more expensive than the total amount of personal credits remaining. Invoicing will continue in that case.
  • Fixes for texts that ended up wrongly in the translations file
  • Improvements for handling of out of credit sessions
  • A master user can now update the application from the webbrowser via the menu Server settings – button Install open source publics. This functionality will update all source code from the browser instead of from the server. The functionality is new and experimental, so use with care! Occasionally replacing the open files fails, meaning you will have to repeat the procedure multiple times. When you host on IIS the changes will be immediately available, on Linux the back end process will stop under the assumption that you are using docker and the container will automatically restart.

New website

Welcome to our website ! We retired our old website which was a long awaited and desperately needed upgrade. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Will you let us now how you feel about our new site ?