New functionalities Q1 2021

Released in this quarter is the fully new Teaching module in the ITR!

The teaching module includes :

  • Design and develop teaching materials in a pixel perfect way
  • Publish teaching materials for usage in any situation you like
    • teaching situations including viewing of responses by your students on practice questions
    • individual teaching sessions
    • classroom teaching sessions
    • freely available teaching materials on the internet
  • Full support by various portlets including a course catalog
  • New functionalities in the ITR
    • Course editor
    • Course summary reports
    • New session functions for classroom, individual, public and other new session types, including archiving
  • A major overhaul of the screen templates used in the ITR to facilate pixel perfect courses, advanced event handling and screen template specific events

Contact us if you want to learn more ! Our software is 100% open source !

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